Artificial Grass for Tennis!

The option of a new synthetic grass turf court is something many players may find more attractive. Synthetic Grass provides an excellent solution to old, cracked, worn down tennis courts. Artificial grass tennis courts are long-lasting, low maintenance, and environmentally conscious in concerns of water usage. Traditionally people use hard concrete and asphalt courts which weather quickly from cracks that expand and break the court. All hard courts will crack eventually and you will need to consult a professional and repairs can be very expensive. These weathered courts are extremely dangerous and can cause players to trip and fall. Additionally, weathered courts are difficult to play on and detrimental to players joints and knees.

Synthetic Grass for tennis courts provide a soft smooth playing surface that is safe and good for your joints! The surface texture is consistent across the court no matter how often the court is used or what time of year you are playing. This consistent surface provides an optimal base for tennis ball bounce. Tennis balls bounce predictably off of the synthetic grass surface and also bounce much higher than on a natural grass surface. Maintaining sufficient ball control allows players to be consistent and improve their stroke. Tennis players are also constantly pivoting, jumping, and driving aces down the line with force. Imperfections from cracked hard courts or muddy natural courts can be very dangerous and lead to players tripping or twisting their ankles. Artificial Grass courts are very safe and provide a consistent court for players to excel at their game. The longterm benefits and savings are worth the initial purchase of an artificial turf court.

If you are looking for a life-time of enjoyment artificial grass courts are your best option. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in installing an artificial grass tennis court for your personal homes, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, or parks. We offer a variety of colors and options that provide a perfect combination of lasting comfort and exceptional performance. Our warehouse carries the most advanced synthetic grass products available, engineered to look and feel like natural grass. Contact us to get your free turf samples today and start planning your very own artificial grass court!