Artificial grass for small areas

Artificial Grass is used on football fields, soccer fields, and homeowners are even using it for full lawns. But you don’t need to necessarily have to have a football-sized lawn to make use of artificial turf.

Many homeowners buy from Artificial Grass Liquidators, for example, have learned that artificial turf is the perfect material to keep their pets satisfied with a cool area to romp, but not to have to replace ever few months due to pet digging.

Another cool use for artificial grass is to create your own putting and chipping green for golf. You can use it year-round, and the maintenance is minimal.

Another way that artificial turf is used is in basements. Rather than carpeting, people install a back-yard environment for their kids to play in downstairs, while protecting them from falls.

One, very popular use for artificial turf is for gardens. People lay down artificial urn to create natural pathways in their garden, allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the garden without trossind in dirt or fertilized.

Do you have a few extra pieces of artificial turf after laying down your putting green or garden path? Consider:

*1 Lining the bottom your fish tank with artificial grass

*2 Make a foot tray. Go partially Japanese, and create a foot try with artificial grass to place all your shoes on after entering the house.

*3 Make an unusual centerpiece for a themed party with a football or baseball in the center of the turf atop your kitchen table.

*4 Cut round strips and glue astro turf on coaters for a refreshing change

*5 Use artificial turn as frames for your wall, Then fill in the rest with pinecones, leaves, and flowers. *6 Make an artificial turf area rug. They add a splash of green to your home, and are very easy to clean.